What Happens in a Session?

Before we start:


I know it’s the default for many camgirls but I’m a Domme. This is about me controlling your mind and body, not about me sticking things up my ass.

That’s not to say I never get naked and enjoy myself during a show but that only ever happens as a result of getting turned on by whatever else we’re doing.

Control, pain, erotic conversation or a good fantasy all turn me on which means sometimes I do “enjoy myself” in a session, but that can’t be the entire premise for a booking. Unless we have similar interests I’m unlikely to get turned on so won’t accept the booking.

Similarly whilst I do use JOI, CEI etc as tools in my sessions, I don’t find them terribly interesting if that’s the only thing being discussed.



My sessions tend to fall into three main types. Fantasy-based, Activity-based and Therapeutic.


Fantasy-based sessions

These are basically about the storyline. Normally we’d just start off chatting a bit and getting to know each other and then in due course would branch off into your particular interests. I might then weave a storyline around those subjects or explore a fictional situation and see where the story takes us. Examples might be if you had a fetish for glory holes we could start talking about that, your experience so far etc before getting into “what if” type scenarios which then end up taking on a momentum of their own.

Fantasy based sessions are great, primarily because your mind is your most powerful erogenous zone plus fantasy sessions are not reliant on reality. It’s painting a picture with words which excites your mind, which is often a lot more varied and interesting than (for example) just watching porn or whatever. I type fast and use good English, which coupled with my twisted imagination is quite a potent combo for you to get lost in. I love activity-based sessions but for me the most powerful tool is always the imagination.

I have quite a few regulars and with them fantasy sessions can be ongoing and evolve over time as I get to know you (and your kinks) better.

I prefer typed text over speaking as I find I can be more precise and descriptive and also order my thoughts more clearly, which translates to a more vivid session for you. I do talk sometimes when it’s needed but the textbox is my weapon of choice.


Activity-based Sessions

These are about doing a particular activity and tend to work best over Skype since we have the two-way camera feed.  They might involve something like humiliating you verbally or making you hurt yourself or do degrading things. The success of this type of session normally depends on what you have available at your end. I’m really just the instigator.  Whilst I try to improvise as far as possible, there’s no point wanting a CBT session but not having anything to use for it, or an int0x session but you don’t have anything suitable so please prepare accordingly.

My particular favourites for this type of session, and things which have proven to work particularly well this way include int0x & breathplay, humiliation/SPH and CBT (assuming you have some basic equipment).

Watching you suck a dildo or fuck yourself with one doesn’t really do much for me on it’s own, but there are likely to be insertions involved as part of any of the above type of sessions 😉

Activity-based sessions can be extended through the use of screenshots, recordings etc which can be used to add an element of public humiliation – for example recording you pissing yourself and then posting it on my Wall-of-Shame or twitter feed (with faces obscured and your prior consent ofc).


Therapeutic Sessions:

I know from first-hand experience that living with a fetish which you might be ashamed of can be extremely lonely and can actually affect your self-esteem and confidence in daily life.

Simply having someone to talk to about your kink, obsession or whatever, who is not only non-judgemental but actually also revels in those sort of ideas can be very cathartic and therapeutic.

A number of my clients have said that their sessions with me are like a sort of therapy and I think they’re actually quite right. The upside is I’m not bound by the same duty of care as a therapist so we can talk about whatever, and I’m likely a lot more kinky than most therapists so my sessions are also a lot more fun!

Sometimes the therapeutic angle is just the first stage of things. Once we’ve talked the subject through and you’re more comfortable with talking to me about it, the session/s might develop more into activity- or fantasy-based sessions.


Beyond the Session:

I also enjoy taking things beyond the session. Having to commit to a situation especially when you’re in a public setting can be a huge turn-on.

So once I know people a bit better I sometimes set them little tasks to be done in the week too – like wearing their wife’s panties to work one day or having a sneaky play at the workplace. Simply the act of being instructed to do these things and then committing to carrying them out can be a major rush.



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