Introduction to “EntroPea” – arduino-based MIDI instrument/expression controller…

Sorry about the un-polished nature of this video, I was partway through editing it when my hard drive died and i’ve not been able to restore the backups yet, so imperfect as it is, I thought I’d just upload it as is otherwise I’d probably end up doing nothing. This is new a MIDI instrument/expression controller I built called “EntroPea” (aka the electric hedgehog) which I’ve been working on to control various vintage synths using ultrasound sensors measuring distance, and arm-waving, piped through to midi signals.

I love my Behringer TD3 and Roland TB-303 but they both require you to prepare patterns before you can play, there’s no on-the-fly editing and I find that can mean you just keep doing the same stuff over and over or have to be very organised with your patterns, which I am not.

The Korg EA1 lets you edit on the fly but has no accent/velocity and that’s something i use a lot so isn’t much use really. bababaBOWbababaBOW – gotta have the accents.

The Futureretro 777 is the only one which lets you edit patterns on the fly (and does it extremely well) but it has so many knobs that you’re basically starting from scratch every time anyway sound-wise. Coming back to a sound isn’t really a thing on that because the range of sounds it can make is so huge and bizzarre.

Anyway – re this device, I wanted something where you could (somewhat) intuitively throw together a short pattern of a few bars (to sample) or to use as an expressionate lead, either on its own/layered up with delays/fx for chilled music, or perhaps over another 303 or something like the futureretro 777 so then you’d get the mix of patterns plus random extra wibbly lead bits.

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Camming snapshots

I just stumbled on this folder full of images of snapshots taken from the Adultwork camming software (at the time). Between calls I’d take pics and quite a few of them ended up here. So these are all stills from my outgoing cam feed on AW at the time. I’ll hopefully add to this cos there’s loads of them and I won’t get them all picked out tonight

Click through below to see the gallery

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POISONED HYPNO 04 – Lay down (for me)

So this is further experimentation into the art of hypno. Fair warning i can only do what comes naturally and try to guide that. What actually comes out in the moment isn’t something i really get to decide specifically beforehand.

This is made with my specific subs in mind and is made to tickle their minds, so if it’s not 100% for you then sorry but that’s how it is. My subs get my attention first. If you want my attention perhaps you should show me how you can make my life better 🙂

Apart from the glowing image of me pleasuring myself this is not particularly explicit but it *is* intimate. Which imho is more important.

Here’s a short video preview:

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New podcast episode: 013: No resuscitation

Preview clip)

CW: Suicide, death (just the 1st track).

This is the first attempt at using the Kaoss pads as ‘decks’ and trying to actually turn individual tracks/ideas into a somewhat coherent mix, still all hardware and all live and mostly improvised. Run time: 1:10 hrs

Podcast link:

Itunes link:

You should also be able to find the podcast on castbox etc by searching on “LD50 Techno”

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Poisoned Hypno 3

Some more experimenting with hypno-style stuff for my special little twisted puppy(s).

This is also a new type of post in that the content only unlocks for one specific user.

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