Coding related stuff


BTC payme – Simple standalone way to get paid with Bitcoin without reusing addresses. Drop your xpub in the config and it always serves a fresh address,

Woocommerce Bitcoin Gateway – A completely standalone Bitcoin checkout for woocommerce. Add your xpub to the site and addresses are generated automatically (so no address reuse). Allows setting a 0-confirmations payment threshold, uses only free APIs to check balances. No full node required!

Woocommerce-membership-by-role [wip]- Lets you define a “magic” product ID in woocommerce which then lets you sell a membership/suprscription product. Once the product is bought, the member’s role is amended to give access to premium content.

Media stuff:

Interview for Coindesk
Coindesk: How Bitcoin Plays Into the BDSM Trend Taking the Porn World by Storm

Interview for Playboy:
Playboy: Sex Workers Are Coding Their Own Futures

similar article from Vice but I wasn’t involved

Yet to come:

  • Will add more here as I collect links
  • Stuff about how to build an adult member/clip site for free?
  • Stuff about payment systems.. ccbill etc?